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Please indicate whether you are a commercial or domestic customer. We will not entertain your application unless you are one of those types of customers. In particular, we currently will not sell electricity to caravan park residents or public benevolent institutions due to existing regulatory constraints.
Elect Commercial if you use electricity in conducting a business.
Elect Domestic if you use electricity primarily for domestic purposes on residential premises. These do not include hostels, motels, guest houses or caravan parks or premises where a caretaker resides which are otherwise used for non-residential purposes.






Regardless of which type of tariff you elect, you may be liable for associated smart meter upgrade costs. Details of these are included in our product and price sheet. We will not know if a smart meter upgrade is required until after we have received your application and checked with PowerWater. If a smart meter upgrade is required and the amount of the associated smart meter upgrade costs is more than $50 including GST, we will contact you to discuss your options before we accept your offer.


By placing a check in the checkbox below and submitting this application, the customer named above (you):
► acknowledge that you have read and understood the product and price sheet and our terms and conditions;
► offer to enter into an agreement with us for the sale of electricity at your premises as detailed above on the terms included in this application, the product and price sheet and our terms and conditions;
► consent to us conducting a credit check on you;
► agree to give us any additional information we may reasonably require to conduct our credit check;
► acknowledge that you have read our privacy collection notice and understand that any personal information about you that we collect will be managed by us in accordance with that notice and our privacy policy;
► acknowledge that you will have a binding agreement with us if we accept your offer;
► consent to us arranging for PowerWater to transfer your premises from your existing retailer to us, if we accept your offer; and
► acknowledge that placing a check in the checkbox below and pressing submit constitutes signing the agreement.

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Level 1, 48-50 Smith Street
Darwin NT 0800, GPO Box 1782

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