SME Customers


Rimfire Energy is an electricity retailer operating in the Northern Territory.

We sell electricity to eligible customers in the grid-connected regions of Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs and we are currently considering applications from eligible SME business customers in all regions.

Are You a SME Customer?

We will consider you to be a SME customer if the premise is used for operating a business and has annual electricity usage of less than 750 MWh p.a.

It is likely that we will consider you to be a SME customer if you are a business customer and have a standard contract and are currently being charged based on regulated commercial pricing-order tariffs.

Indicatively, this means that if your current bills are less than $18k/month, then you will probably fit into the category of a SME customer.


In order to be able to choose your electricity retailer and become a Rimfire Energy customer, you must have an eligible "smart meter" installed at the premises, also referred to as a remote-read interval meter.

If you currently have an older style "spinning-disc" analogue meter, and/or have a meter-reader come to your property to physically read the meter, then it is unlikely that you will currently have a remote-read interval meter installed.

If you don't currently have an eligible "smart meter" installed at the premises, we can help you to arrange to swap over your electricity meter.

The costs associated with upgrading your meter are levied by PowerWater as the network service provider and these costs are generally passed on to you as the customer.

Please refer to our Product & Price Sheet for more information about smart meter upgrades.

If you are interested in becoming a Rimfire Energy customer, then once we find out what type of electricity meter you have installed, we can discuss your options with you for upgrading your meter.

Product & Pricing

SME customers are charged on a "bundled" pricing structure, meaning that your bill will include:

  1. Consumption charges, that include energy charges, network charges and environmental charges within the same "bundled" rate; and
  2. Daily charges, that relate to your ability to access the electricity network regardless of your consumption.

For your consumption charges, you can choose either:

  1. Flat pricing, where the same charge applies regardless of when during the day you choose to use electricity; or
  2. Time-of-use pricing, where there are different charges for peak and for off-peak periods.

Please refer to our Product & Price Sheet for further details on the current regulated Pricing Order tariffs. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional contract information.

Apply Now

If you are ready to sign-up now, please go to our Sign Up page to complete our online application form.

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